For the more tech savvy people out there, DRM and limited use rights are a pretty ridiculous concept, in fact the entertainment industry seems to be the only industry around that is exempt from using false scarcity to increase prices.

These genius engineers decided to build a DRM limited use chair that destroys itself mission impossible style after 8 uses. Would you buy this chair? Hell no.  So why would you buy music or a movie under that guise? Watch the video below!


I was hugely excited to wake up today and see that my Samsung Galaxy S2 had FINALLY got the Android 4.04 update. However as soon as the update had completed one huge glaring error appeared. Swype had stopped working. All that appeared were the words Open of EnglishUS Failed and a black box appeared where Swype should have been.  Before I figured out this solution I had to use the horrible default keyboard, fortunately, I fixed it quickly!

The good news is that there is a simple fix for the Swype “Open of EnglishUS Failed” error, and I presume it also works for those suffering with “Open of EnglishUK Failed” too

The Fix for Swype Open of US Failed Error

Go to your settings

Go to Applications

Along the top there are now four options (Download, On SD Card, Running, All) Choose ‘All’.

Scroll down to Swype

Click ‘Clear Data’

And you are done, the ‘Open of EnglishUS Failed’ message should be gone, and swype should be back!

The downside is you will lose all your dictionary definitions and personal settings.

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What I Would Like to See in Kindle Fire 2

There have been plenty of Kindle Fire 2 rumors, but personally there are a few things that I would LOVE to see.

The Default Android

Seriously, the Amazon Kindle’s restrictions that force you to go through their own app store are annoying as hell, and there purely for their own profit.

Amazon needs to drop this and favor a less ‘modified’ android.

While I do understand why Amazon wants to snare you in to buying eBooks from their store, plenty of companies have proven how sectioning yourself off in the age of the global world is a sure fire way to destroy your business in the long run.


Swype is amazing.  Cant get more simple than that.  I would use the Amazon Kindle Fire more if I didn’t have to use the slow as hell peck and tap keyboard.

Swype would be the perfect addition to this eReader.

More Responsive

A pretty big issue I have with the Kindle Fire is it’s slow touch screen response time.  It means that if  use the Fire for anything more than eBook reading, I find myself suffering from a lot of ‘mistakes’ thanks to a screen which doesn’t always recognize my touch.

If Amazon decide to upgrade their tablet, the Kindle FIre will need a much more responsive screen.

Higher Resolution

This s far from the biggest of problems on the Kindle Fire, but sometimes things do look a little pixelated.  Even a slight improvement on the screen resolution would be much appreciated.

So will I buy the Kindle Fire 2 if it solves all these problems?

Probably not, I rarely use my tablet, and when I do it is either to read books or watch movies. All of what I said above though would build a much better user experience for Kindle Fire users!


Samsung Galaxy S2 to get Android 4?

In a rather surprising but exciting announcement Samsung revealed that they are releasing Android 4.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S2.  While it might take a while for this to roll out to all cell carriers, this is great news for owners of the device that barely missed out on the ice cream sandwich OS. One question on many peoples minds however is should they update to the latest android OS on their Galaxy S2, especially after the large number of complaints on the Galaxy Nexus.

The key point here is that while Android 2.0 Gingerbread is now a little dated, it is also very stable, efficient and rarely crashes. The good news is that early reports do include a high level of stability. This is mostly down to the fact that ice cream sandwich has now had a few months to be fine tuned, but it was a highly efficient OS to begin with.

While Android 4.0 is now more stable, many Samsung Galaxy S2 owners might not be looking to make the switch straight away.  The new OS doesn’t really bring that many new features to the table, which leaves more casual users wondering whether the update will be worth the potential issues. For the most part the new android OS improves the look and usability of the phone rather than the features (although little additions  like ‘face unlock’ are pretty sweet).

Personally, the new features (while minor) are well worth the update in my opinion.


The United States has been the largest consumer market for a long time now, but nothing shows the changing economy than when one of the worlds largest smart phone suppliers decides to leave out North America in it’s latest flagship product release.

The Nokia PureView 41MP smart phone beats the resolution of most high end cameras, and most of it’s internal specs put current smart phones to shame, but despite these features, Nokia will not be releasing their flagship phone to the United States.

All is not lost though.  Nokia have mentioned that while the Nokia PureView wont be arriving any time soon, photography lovers will be pleased to hear that the 41 megapixel sensor will be released in the near future, albeit on the Windows OS.

If you don’t want to wait, the Nokia 808 PureView will be released in nearly every other country, so there is a possibility that you will be able to import this high end smart phone from abroad


Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is by far the best smart phone released in 2011.  Even the much anticipated iPhone 4S couldn’t touch the specs and performance of this amazing device. But what makes the Samsung Galaxy S2 such a fantastic phone?  Let me tell you…

Lets start with the basics, but first i need to point out that this is the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G touch version of the phone, found on the Sprint network.  You may find that some other models of this phone vary slightly.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a big phone.  Despite being big, it still manages to be surprisingly thin, and incredibly lightweight. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is in fact so lightweight, that the ‘flimsy’ feel to it is one of the largest complaints of this phone.  Don’t be deterred by this though, the Galaxy S2 is far from flimsy, it has  a high quality plastic case, and the tough Gorilla Glass. In drop tests the Galaxy S2 actually protects the phone much more effectively than the iPhone 4S. The overall size of the phone is 5.11 x 2.74 x 0.38 inches wighing in at 4.6 ounces.

What really makes the Samsung Galaxy S2 is it’s large clear super AMOLED plus 4.52 inch screen that is bright, clear and low power consumption. it has an 800×480 resolution, which is a little low compared to the competition, but not noticeably so. From personal use, the screen of the Galaxy S2 is very clear, sharp and bright, it stays visible even during daylight and quite easily blows past smart phone screens out of the water.

Inside the Galaxy S2 things get even better. A 1.2 ghz dual core, 1 gig of ram, and 16GB of built in internal storage make this phone a powerful device by itself, but compare it to the competition (including the iPhone 4S) and you can see just how far ahead of its class the Samsung Galaxy S2 really is!

The battery can last well over eight hours talk time and 10.5 days standby, and is a lithium ion 1899mAh beast that will help power this phone.  From personal usage, which includes heavy data use, I tend to need to charge this phone on a daily basis, but this does include everything from watching movies on the go via 4G, to checking my emails and playing games.

Feature wise the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with everything you would expect, including Siri like voice usage, apps, flash compatibility, web browser, GPS navigation and all the applications you can download.  One thing worth mentioning is that although the Samsung Galaxy S2 has 16GB of internal memory, only 2GB is available for your ‘system’.  The system file is also where many app files are stored, this means that if you install a large number of apps, you may find yourself limited when it comes to installs.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 uses Gingerbread 2.3 (maybe upgraded to ice cream sandwich)  which is a beautifully crafted OS.  My favorite feature of this operating system is the ability to add ‘widgets’ straight on to my dashboard screens. This means for the information I need on a regular basis, I don’t even have to load apps anymore, the information is right there where I need it.

One thing that will capture any budding photographers attention is the 8 Megapixel camera, any budding YouTuber will also fall in love with the front facing camera, which while not high-res, is great for taking videos of yourself talking.  You can also use this camera to do live video chat, and with the 4G network this works incredibly well.

Yes, one of the big benefits of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is it’s true 4G connectivity.  You need to have a 4G network for this to really work, some carriers have what amounts to “3G plus”, which is actually quite a bit slower.

This smart phone has more than just a 4G connection. It also works with 3G, WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth and of course GPS. This wide range of connectivity means that it is actually pretty hard not to get a data connection.

All in all the Samsung Galaxy S2 is absolutely everything you could want in a phone, it is large but thin, tough but light, fast and powerful.  If you are looking for an iPhone 4S alternative, this is it.

Don’t forget to buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 case though!


Three Great Christmas Gifts for 2011

2011 has been a great year for geeky gadgets and tech advancements, which means that there is plenty to choose from for Christmas this year.  I will be giving you three great Christmas gifts for 2011 to help ease the pain of browsing through endless shelves of items!

Looking for The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift can be hard, even if you know a person really well. Fortunately these gifts are going to light up the eyes of most people!

Nintendo 3DS

When I first heard about the Nintendo 3DS and it’s glasses-free 3D capabilities I didn’t think too much about it, until I played on one. The 3D really does look 3D and you find yourself being drawn in to the game as it’s 3D world envelopes you.

While the Nintendo 3DS has very few downsides (A heavily reduced battery life being the prime example) it does come with more benefits than you can shake a stick at.

While the 3D screen is of course the main feature (and a great one at that) but it also lets you take 3D pictures, and it includes a gyroscope and accelerometer, letting you control your games with movement as well as controls!

Combining the 3D with movement based controls makes the Nintendo 3DS unbeateble in my eyes, and with the recent price drop of $80, it is now one of the most advanced yet affordable consoles on the market!

The Nintendo 3DS is a great Christmas gift for adults and children alike! You might want to check out some of the best 3DS games as well, to find the perfect accompyment to this amazing gadget!

The Amazon Kindle Fire

For those who love a more traditional style of entertainment, The Amazon Kindle Fire provides ebooks, films and more on the latest from the Amazon Kindle series.

Boasting full color and a multi touch screen, te Amazon Kindle Fire moves away from the traditional e-reader style of ‘soft’ reading and instead embraces the more colorful iPad format.

Based on the android platform, the Amazon Kindle Fire offers many of the things you would expect from a tablet PC. You can watch movies, tv shows, play games, browse the web and read your email on top of the basic e-book functionality.

What differentiates it from competitors tablets is the price.  At $199 on release this is a huge reduction on the $600 iPad price tag.

As of right now it looks like the Amazon Kindle Fire is the best well rounded portable entertainment device.

The iPad 2

The iPad 2 is an even more powerful version of the original iPad that turned Tablet PC’s in to a popular consumer product. With plenty of bells and whistles, the iPad 2 is a fantastic companion for both business and personal use. While it might not have enough capability to replace your laptop just yet, it is an amazing way to keep track of email and do research while you work.

For personal use the iPad 2 is fantastic for both entertainment and organization.  The near unlimited selection of apps means that you can use your iPad 2 to do anything from track your jogging performance, to play Angry birds.

While the iPad 2 really is one fantastic device, it does come at quite an expensive cost.  The good news is that there are plenty of other tablets available which provide the same, and often better functionality than the iPad 2, although they don’t carry quite the same cool factor.

f however you are buying this for someone who thinks the Amazon Kindle Fire is simple not enough, the iPad 2 is the most saught after tablet PC available!