Gadget: Nano-Projector by Explay


Explay, an Israeli based company has produced a nifty gadget,a great addition to any mobile device -iPod & Cell Phones.

The Explay Nano-Projector is a mini projector that plugs directly into your mobile devices and displays an image on a screen as large as 30 inches.

Of course you could just upload the movies you have on your Cell Phones and iPod to your PC or Notebook but the beauty of this gadget is that it’s portable and relatively small in size and could be carried around along with your mobile devices.

It is set for an early 2007 release and pricing isn’t set just yet.

Explay’s nano-projector engines are built with a unique laser-based diffractive optical technology, a proprietary technology for enhancing micro-display efficiency, and a proprietary ASIC which tightly ties the components together. The combination provides a complete optic and electronic projector engine solution for simple and glueless integration into third party products.


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