How to Fix Swype Open of EnglishUS Failed Error

I was hugely excited to wake up today and see that my Samsung Galaxy S2 had FINALLY got the Android 4.04 update. However as soon as the update had completed one huge glaring error appeared. Swype had stopped working. All that appeared were the words Open of EnglishUS Failed and a black box appeared where Swype should have been.  Before I figured out this solution I had to use the horrible default keyboard, fortunately, I fixed it quickly!

The good news is that there is a simple fix for the Swype “Open of EnglishUS Failed” error, and I presume it also works for those suffering with “Open of EnglishUK Failed” too

The Fix for Swype Open of US Failed Error

Go to your settings

Go to Applications

Along the top there are now four options (Download, On SD Card, Running, All) Choose ‘All’.

Scroll down to Swype

Click ‘Clear Data’

And you are done, the ‘Open of EnglishUS Failed’ message should be gone, and swype should be back!

The downside is you will lose all your dictionary definitions and personal settings.

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