Are Aged Facebook Accounts An Asset?

These days, it is common to hear the saying – data is the new oil. And it is indeed true. Data has become so valuable to every business today. The more customer data they have, the better services they can provide. To better understand their customer base, most businesses agree that it is essential to have a substantial presence on social media platforms – especially Facebook. Why Facebook? It is often said to be the king of social media. It is one of the widely popular social networking sites all over the world.

Going the extra mile

Simple creating a Facebook page for your business can waiting around for it to get recognized may not be the best way to carry out the job. To speed up the process, marketers need to think of innovative ways to announce their brand’s worth to the world. Therefore, they indulge in buying Facebook accounts.

Facebook accounts can be compared to wine. The older they are, the higher their cost is. Websites that sell Facebook accounts have various categories – clients can either buy new active accounts or buy aged Facebook accounts. But why would anyone want to buy aged Facebook accounts that are highly-priced?

The value of aged Facebook accounts

Older accounts occupy the top priority due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, the older the Fb account, chances are it has many connections. Also, old Fb accounts may have access to some features that new ones don’t. Thus, the client need not spend time unlocking the features. The maximum number of friends on a sold account is 5000. With such a high number, the account can be converted into a fan page. If the client gets hold of multiple accounts like that, they can be merged into a single fan page with thousands of followers.

For struggling businesses and upcoming start-ups, the idea to buy aged Facebook accounts can turn out to be a blessing in the long run. It drastically pulls up the advertising and marketing potential of the business. Sustaining the business now starts looking like a real, achievable goal.

Beat the rivals

No business is devoid of competition. Across fields, all businesses aim to perform better than their rivals. With aged Facebook accounts, the business can make sure that they stay ahead of their competitors. Moreover, it is a strategy that does not require large funds. As Facebook is a free platform, the only money the business would be spending is to buy aged Facebook accounts.

Is it an asset?

If there is a cheap and affordable way to achieve better visibility and reputation, one can safely say that it is an asset. Aged Facebook accounts provide a ton of possibilities for businesses. However, as the practice of selling and buying Fb accounts may conflict with the terms and conditions of the site, it is recommended to process with caution. Reputed service providers ensure that the client does not risk an account ban. Various safety measures are followed for the same.

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