Dos and Don’ts When Working in Hybrid Model

Despite the immense confusion among the masses about what exactly a hybrid work model is, it has managed to make a place for itself in different organizations. As the employers and employees are welcoming this new arrangement with as much warmth as they can by learning everything about it, the implementation of hybrid workforce is seeing a rapid growth. The different benefits associated with the hybrid workforce model is a primary reason behind organizations taking it as their mode of operations. Today we will take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts for this model so that you can implement it efficiently.

Do’s –

  1. Promote upskilling among employees – Working hybrid allows the employees to work from the comfort of their homes or from the offices. Whether the teams are working from home or from offices, upskilling is an important aspect to continue to shine in an organization. Therefore, upskilling must be promoted by the employers so that their employees can learn new skills which will benefit both the organization and the individual. Learning new skills is completely subjective to the type of organization it is and the kind of people working there. Therefore, proper research must be done by management to promote the development of the right skills.
  1. Promote harmony among teams – For the success of a hybrid remote work project, it is important that both the teams can coordinate well with each other. It is because of their coordination that they will be able to finish off the toughest of the assignments within the deadline. If the coordination is missing, it could cost the organization a great project. Therefore, it must be ensured that teams working from home and offices are harmonious. They know each other well so that they could use their strength for the best results. Therefore, exercises which are essential for building a strong team must be practiced.
  1. Tell your employees what is expected of them – It is important for your employees to know that despite working from home, what kind of efforts and output is expected of them. Setting a target for your employees and showing a clear picture of what you have in mind to your employees is a very necessary thing to do. Because if your employees are not aware of what they have to do while working in a hybrid model, they will be left directionless. To ensure that it does not happens, you are not asked to put in a lot of efforts. A daily start of the day and end of the day meeting schedule would be more than enough to give your employees a clear picture of what you have in your mind for the organization.

Don’ts –

  1. Ignore Burnouts – Burnouts have become a common phenomenon among a lot of workers because of the monotony of routine which they are following and the sad part is that there is not much you can do to prevent these for all your workers as each individual has a different breaking point. However, you can ease the discomfort caused due to a burnout by listening to your employees, providing them therapy and a bit of fun exercises amid work would be great!
  1. Be Stern and Strict About Everything – As an employer, you are expected to perform the duties of an ideal leader. An ideal leader is the one who leads by example. By acting tough all the time, you are setting a bad example and projecting a bad image of yourself on your employees. This situation is not appreciated because it affects the way your employees perceive you in a negative manner. To avoid that from happening, you should drop the stern and strict guy act and lead them by setting new examples every day.
  1. Miscommunicate – It is a common problem faced by a lot of employees that their employers are unable to communicate with them timely. It could be because of the busy routine they have, but that should not stop them from taking out some time for their employees. If in that short span of time, they are communicating with a lot of employees at once, then they are not communicating at all. Instead, they could try organizing ten minutes meeting with a team of five people so that they can have a good look at what is going on in their organizations outside the reports sent to them by the managers.

So these were a few do’s and don’ts which must be followed by employers across the world to ensure a great hybrid work model which will reap amazing benefits for their organizations. If these basic do’s and don’ts are not followed, then the consequences of that would be too ugly to beat. Therefore, please try following these do’s and don’ts while working in a hybrid remote work model.

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