How could you protect your original identity on onlyfans?

Onlyfans could be a suitable platform if you wish to earn some money and fame out of your content creation ability. As you could not earn money directly for your content on other social media platforms, you could have chosen onlyfans as your go-to option. However, almost all creators are earning a lot on the platform and you could also do so in a few months of consistent posting. All you have to do is to fix a niche for your content and start working on it regularly. If your content falls in the interests of people, they would follow you and subscribe at your rates. However, you should fix the rate of subscription at something affordable for a common man. If your price resonates with that of an Apple product, no one would give you a penny to watch whatever content you have posted. You should be reasonable with your pricing. Also, it is better to compare your pricing with your peers in the same niche. You can get an idea of pricing your content by doing so. You can find several websites for onlyfans promotion also. However, the common issue that comes up with almost all creators on the platform is the insecurity of using their real identity on the platform. There could be various security or other reasons for this issue. However, onlyfans do not force anyone to use their original names or identities on the platform. Let us discuss how could you protect your original identity on the platform.

Protecting your original identity on onlyfans

Go with a stage name

You would have seen artists using a pseudo name for themselves when they are in an entertainment or some other similar industry. It is common to use a pen name for the authors and writers who wish to hide their real identities from the consumers. You can do the same and give yourself a stage name. Once you create one, you can use it on your onlyfans account and your fans would identify you with the stage name instead of your unknown real name. Although you would give your real identity to the onlyfans admin, your details would not be available for anyone else. So, you can safely use a stage name as your identity on the platform. You can use such a name if your name is more commonly used or popular enough to avoid. Also, you can use one if you feel like going public with this type of content would affect your real identity.

Avoid personal information on posts

Some creators would post something about their personal information unintentionally on their content. So, people would get to identify you. Hence, you should be careful and you should avoid using your name, address, location, email, and other personal details on the platform forever.

Try private accounts

You can make your onlyfans account private if you wish. If you do so, you will have the entire control of who could see your content and your activity status.

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