How to perfectly combine automation and manual prospecting for new clients: Reply for agencies

Automation and manual client prospecting are very useful for working with different tools and for different purposes. For example, a manual search works great for unique solutions and an individual and very important potential counterparty. But for mass work, automating the work with mailing lists and other ways of contacting future customers is ideal.

Expanding your network of buyers and customers is easy to set up when it comes to using automated services where there is deep integration with enterprise management systems. For example, you can take a detailed look at one such service that creates a comfortable environment of contact with buyers and potential customers at

The service offers a wide range of services:

  • search for leads and generating contacts via email;
  • working with multiple communication channels and communication platforms simultaneously, such as LinkedIn, SMS messaging, and WhatsApp;
  • warming up specific addresses for mailings;
  • automatic service actions that are algorithmic responses to triggers, and more.

The uniqueness of such services is that they solve most of the tactical and strategic tasks to promote products and services. And in addition, they provide quality integration with other popular existing tools.

Why manual work and where automated search starts exclusively

In the title, we mentioned the manual work of marketers to find new clients. Indeed, it may not always be rational to use the resources of a service to find one client or to study only one potential partner for a business project. To evaluate it, you may need a manual search, instant analytics, which even the most sophisticated algorithms of artificial intelligence cannot provide.

At the same time, it is the automated systems that do a very good job of data flow and systematization of customer data. They link into a single “creative environment” for search and contacts, a database of phone numbers, addresses, social network accounts and other known information. It is in the large-scale analysis, highlighting trends and the strength of an automated business customer service system for generating leads.

Separate tools of the automated service should be used when a manual search does not yield results, or it is possible to enter already known data to apply AI algorithms. Such an integrated approach gives a positive result even in the most complicated cases. And in this way, it is possible to find not only the correct data about the person, but also to use all available communications to initiate cooperation.

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