Knowing Your Vape Juice

The wealth of different flavours and tastes of vaping e-liquid available today are almost endless, from fruity concoctions to desserts and beyond. But ask some vapers what is in their favourite e-liquid, and they may not be able to tell you. If you are one of them, please read on for valuable information that may give you some ideas to change to an e-liquid more suited to how you vape.

The Main Ingredients

With vaping now firmly established as a viable form of nicotine replacement therapy for those who wish to give up smoking, e-liquid is an integral part of that process. Made up of four main components. It is mixed in several ways to produce different types of e-liquid available to the discerning vaper. These essential parts are as follows –

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a clear thick liquid with no odour produced from plant oils such as soy, coconut, or palm. It has been a staple component in the food and cosmetic industries; it is used in e-liquid to produce vapour clouds.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) – is an organic compound used in medicines and foodstuffs for many years and carries flavour in a vaping context.
  • Nicotine – In its natural form, Nicotine is difficult to absorb into the body, but this changed when tobacco manufacturers developed a chemical process over 50 years ago.
  • Food-based flavourings – self-explanatory they are the flavours used in the food industry for many items.

So now you know what is in your e-liquid, I want to move on to the different ratios that the components are then mixed to create certain types of e-liquid.

Types of Vape Liquid

The question of the best e-liquid in the UK is often asked, but if you ask one hundred vapers, you might well get one hundred different answers, and that is because most vapers tailor their e-liquid to their specific tastes. Some newer and experienced vapers use an e-liquid with an even amount of VG and PG called 50/50; this produces a vape with good flavour and excellent throat hit (the sensation of the vape hitting the throat) and a good amount of vapour. There are also several options for the vaper who wants a more specific type of vape, they are –

  • 70/30 – this is an e-liquid with a higher level of Vegetable Glycerin – when used with a vape device utilising a sub-ohm coil produces a very smooth vape with super large clouds of vapour.
  • 80/20 – on the other side of the market is e-liquid with a higher Propylene Glycol content, ideal for vape pens and newer vapers; the outcome is a vape high in flavour and significantly higher throat hit.

It is also possible to purchase e-liquid without Nicotine, called shortfill e-liquid. It is then possible for the vaper to add a separate nicotine element, referred to as the shot. In this way, the vaper can experiment continually to find their perfect mix suited to the way they want to vape.

That is some basic information about what your e-liquid contains and possible. Hopefully, I have given you some ideas to improve your vaping experience. Happy Vaping!

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