Roll Label printing – Tips For Best Design

Roll label design for printing is a challenging project when you are doing it yourself. It is suited for the primo print. A professional online printing company provides good design for the roll label printing that are specialized in it. It is also useful if you want to do your own to make this process more convenient and enjoyable.

If you are looking for the best online roll printing company, you must go for Los Angeles roll label printing. It provides a large design of roll labels that helps increase your brand promotion. 

  • High-Resolution Images

You should use high-resolution images for the label design project. It helps to make the photograph more professional. JPEG is the professional file you choose for the high-resolution images used in roll label design for printing. PNG and GIF images are not able to be printed in high resolution.

It would help if you tried to keep all your photos above 300 dpi for high-resolution images. It is essential to use high-resolution images for roll labeling printing as the best design provides good brand promotion. 

  • Present Your Logo

It is essential to promote your logo. Your logo gets more attention in your custom roll label, and you should feature your logo in the middle of your label. It is also useful to present your logo near the design as it takes more attention from the customers. Ensure that it is large enough to stand out from other included photos as it looks more attractive. A good logo takes more attention from the customers and increases the brand value of the product. 

  • Use Vector Graphics

Professional digital photographers use vector graphics as it provides sound design for the roll label printing. It is best to use vector graphics compared to raster graphics because it does not produce a pixilated look. It loses the image quality of the photograph when the design is large, and in vector graphics, there is no loss of image quality even if the image is enlarged. It is easy to use vector graphics is best, and it attracts attention. 

  • Use CMYK Colors In Your Design

CMYK colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black is the standard color used in the design of roll labels for print. Do not use Red, green, blue colors in your design. This scheme is mainly used for the web and will not display your design to color your printed, and these CMYK colors attract more customers towards the product and are best for the roll label printing design.

Suppose you are looking for a reliable online label printing company. In that case, you must go for Los Angeles roll label printing that provides significant benefit to the customers and provide a large variety of design for the roll label printing. 


These are the best design if you need to know when creating a roll label for printing, and it offers more opportunities if you are looking for the best design of roll labels for printing.

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