The three important goals of IT security


There are three important goals that IT security singapore has. They include availability, integrity, and confidentiality. Therefore, IT security measures will always try to protect the confidentiality of information or data, preserve the integrity of information or data as well as promotion of the availability of data only to authorized users.

The three goals are and will always be the basis of all security programs. Those experts or professionals who are into the creation of procedures and policies must always consider the three goals when trying to come up with a security plan.

Integrity models

Integrity goals or models are the models that help in keeping data pure and trustworthy as well. They do that by protecting important data from accidental or intentional changes. Integrity IT security models have three main goals. They include preventing users who are not authorized from making any data changes, protecting data from unauthorized and improper modification, and making sure that there is internal and external data consistency.

Availability models

These types of models help in keeping data available. The data can only be kept available for users who are authorized. They address issues such as loss of data or information due to disasters and calamities among other things.

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