Things To Consider When Choosing Property Management Software For Your Hotel

Hotel property management software is a system that can help hoteliers run their hotel business effectively and efficiently. It does this by replacing time-intensive and heavy-paper processes. In other words, an effective hotel property management software can help hoteliers optimize their front-desk operations.

But with so many hotel PMS available today, it can be pretty challenging to choose the right one for your hotel. When choosing a hotel PMS software, it is advisable to pay attention to the size and type of a hotel property. That’s because different systems have different features and additional perks. With that said. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you should consider when choosing PMS software for your hotel.

  • Features and functionality

One of the most important things you need to look for in hotel property management software is features. You must make sure that the software has all the features you need to run your hotel efficiently. There are key features that a good hotel property management system must have.

These include: a reservation module that helps in managing online bookings and must have key functions, such as room bookings, collection of e-payments, as well as management of room inventory. The hotel PMS software must also have a front-desk operations module that allows the front desk team to check and update reservation status of the rooms, check guests in and out, process payment, and issue receipts.

Another key feature of hotel property management software is the housekeeping module that allows housekeepers to connect to the front office. The housekeepers can update the status of the room, and the front office manager will make a list of tasks to assign. Finally, an effective hotel PMS software must have CRM and customer data management to allow hoteliers to collect and manage guest data so that they keep in touch with them during and after their stay.

  • Integration

If your hotel already has certain systems or you are planning on integrating additional software, you need to make sure that your PMS vendor provides integration services. For instance, if you are using a CRM system already, it is advisable to look for a hotel property management system that can directly integrate with it.

  • Ease of use

Of course, you shouldn’t go for a PMS that is too complicated to implement and use. The quality of the system’s user experience will have a huge impact on how fast your employees will learn how to use it. The more complex the interface of the PMS is, the more time you will have to invest in training your staff.

  • The degree of customization offered by the provider

PMS requirements may differ depending on the size and type of your hotel. For instance, if you need a bed-based management system and not a room-based in the front-office module, you will have to ensure that your preferred PMS vendor can provide you with this kind of customization.

  • Customer support

Any software can experience any issue when you least expect it. But it doesn’t have to affect the hotel’s operation. That’s why you need to have access to technical support 24/7 to handle your issue. So make sure that you choose a PMS vendor that offers responsive customer support.

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