What Are Some Major Ranking Factors On Google?

Do you have a website that you want to rank on the first page of Google and attract thousands of organic views around the clock? If yes, then you need to understand all the main ranking factors on Google and use them carefully on your website to move higher in SERPs. There are plenty of such factors that can affect rankings, and unless all of them are in place, you cannot achieve high rankings. The first such factor is your website’s content. Write content that is of high-quality, complete relevant, and addresses users’ queries directly. Google loves when a website clears its users doubts fully, and likes to put it higher in SERPs.

Once you have high-quality content on your website, the next goal should be to get links from high-authority sites in the same niche. So, build as many relevant and high-quality links as possible. Other than the content and links, factors like site load time, social signals, security status (https), regular content updates, etc. also play a considerable role in rankings. Keep check of all these and soon your site will make it to the first page of Google.

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