What are the key terms to know while checking a SERP?

The following are the key terms to know before looking at a SERP.


SERP is the abbreviation of Search Engine Results Page. Since Google is the top search engine, we can look at it. Whenever you type something in the Google search box, you will get to see a list of webpages related to your search. This page is known as the SERP. Companies that have websites will fight to attain a position in the top ten results of this SERP as people will not look at the results ranking below that. If you want to rank at the top, your website should have a better SEO. You can find a SERP checker to analyze these results. 


The position at which your webpage ranks for a specific search term is known as the rank in the SERP. Usually, the top-ranking page will get the majority of traffic for each search term. However, your ranking positions will vary depending on various factors, such as algorithm change and SEO levels. 


Key is a word used to denote the term vital. So keyword refers to a vital word in the context. The internet has millions of webpages, and each webpage comprises thousands of words. We could not say that all these words are important for the business. If we look at the webpage from the visitor’s point of view, it would only be informative or navigational. But from the business’s point of view, each word out there would affect their ranking position on Google. SERP ranking of a webpage depends on the use of these vital terms. Simply put, keywords are the words people use to search to get the information they want in Google. For instance, if you need to get the details of the top schools in your locality, you would search top schools near me on Google. So, this phrase is known as the keywords. Your keyword can be a single word or a phrase. But it is the term that the users search on the search box to get the results. If the above phrase is your keyword and you have optimized your webpages for that, your webpage will pop up in the SERP whenever a user types in that phrase. So, concentrating on keywords is vital if you wish to rank well in the SERP. You can identify the searched terms on the SERP in the form of the highlighted text in the meta description of the webpages.

Meta description

All the webpages that show up in the SERP during a search will have a link to the webpage and a meta description. This meta description is a short description of the content of the webpage. If you own the webpage, you can give a proper description with SEO elements. Else, Google will find some lines from the webpage and make it as the description itself. However, it is better to optimize your meta description also for better results. 

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