What Should You Use To Edit Pdf and how?

Several websites have helped keep up the competition between desktop apps and online PDF editors that you can use to edit PDFs, but at the end of the day, you are bound to have your own opinion.

Whether it’s the desktop app or the online editor that you prefer to edit pdf, let’s go together go over some of the features that both have and appreciate the brilliant minds that came up with such inventions.


The most basic reason that one uses a desktop app or online PDF editor is to edit their PDFs, and it’s quite disappointing if the tool you are using does not provide you the resources you think you were going to get.

So editing and the features that come with editing PDFs given by either the desktop app or the online PDF editors is the first thing that one notices. If they turn out to be disappointing, you don’t want to use that app/online tool to edit pdf ever again. Most of the features that come with a PDF editor in both online tool and desktop app are usually the same – you can add text, images, graphics, graphs if you want to show any statistical growth or decline, or even let your creativity take the front seat and draw stuff in your boring books so that you can focus better.


What if the editor that you want to use has an app that won’t download on your laptop? Would you consider picking up your phone, opening the App Store, searching for a said app, downloading the app, then downloading the PDF that you want to edit on your phone, transferring that PDF to the app, and finally getting to edit pdf?

Or would you rather just want to open the online tool on your laptop or mobile or on any device that you have? It doesn’t matter what device you have – online PDF editors allow you to edit your PDF on any device that you own; Linux, Mac, or Windows. Needless to say, they also can function on your phone. When it comes to this feature, online pdf editors win over desktop apps.

Security and Privacy

Last but certainly not least, it matters that your PDF is protected and secured to the best that it can be when your edit pdf. No one wants a PDF that they’re editing online or using an app to be leaked to the entire world or for anyone else to see.

It doesn’t matter if you are editing a PDF that is meant to be a letter to your boss or if you’re editing an RSVP for a wedding that you are supposed to go to – all your data, whether it is private or not related to your work or school should be protected and given equal priority by all sorts of apps or online tools if you are using them while editing the same.

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