Why a viewer should get IPTV subscription?

Viewers across the country and the world have been looking for a TV system that is more reliable than traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems. Viewers have been struggling traditional TV systems. Traditional TV systems have many shortcomings like signal outages, satellite to dish connections, poor or no signal during inclement weather like storm, rain, overcast sky etc.

With following advantages IPTV has outdone traditional TV systems:

  • IPTV can be viewed at any nook and corner of a country and the world with high speed Internet.
  • IPTV can be viewed with downloadable app. It does not require dedicated devices or equipments to connect to their TVs.
  • Unlike traditional TV systems, IPTV can be viewed on many devices like Laptop, Desktop, IPAD, mobile etc.
  • Since IPTV works on the Internet, a user can view it on their devices while they are travelling from one place to another place with high speed Internet.
  • One IPTV subscription account can be used to watch IPTV on more than one device.
  • IPTV users can also watch HD IPTV over their devices connected to high speed Internet.
  • Best IPTV servers are used to cater to the services of the users. This ensures high quality IPTV viewing for users.
  • IPTV system is very cost effective system for users. They can watch IPTV on multiple devices. They also do not have to buy additional equipments to watch TV. So the users save money on purchasing, maintenance cost and periodic replacement costs.

What are the challenges with traditional TV systems?

  • Traditional TV systems have place restrictions. Satellite/Dish connections are unavailable to viewers if they do not get direct satellite to dish connection. This happens very frequently with the viewers where there are high rise buildings which are not allowing direct and uninterrupted signal communication between satellite and dishes.
  • During inclement weather like storm, rain and overcast sky, viewers have seen signal outages or no connection on their TVs. This is a very challenging feature for viewers as they cannot frequently watch TV during rainy season or overcast sky.
  • Traditional TV systems generally work with fixed equipments. Viewers can watch TV only at fixed TVs at their homes and offices. This downside of traditional TV system has pushed IPTV as IPTV viewers can watch TV on multiple devices without any hindrances. They can watch IPTV on their IPAD or mobile even in a moving vehicle while they are travelling between locations. Users just have to ensure that they connect their devices to high speed Internet.
  • One account has to be connected or used with one TV only. There are dedicated devices in traditional TV systems that are used to connect to the viewers’ TVs. Viewers have to pay for the purchase, maintenance and periodic replacement of this devices.
  • Viewers also have to pay monthly subscriptions with traditional TV systems irrespective of number of hours that a user has really succeeded in watching TV. This also dissuaded viewer as a viewer want to watch a very important programme or event on TV but s/he cannot watch it as s/heis not close to her/his TV which has traditional TV connection.

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